Open for Business: Morton native opens free-to-shop store to support those in need

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EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – From shelves of dishes, piles of shoes, and racks of clothes, Savannah Kutkat is constantly surrounded by stuff. 

“The spirit of the place is charitable,” said Kutkat.

But the items aren’t around to collect dust, they’re here to help. In July, Kutkat opened her store, Enough Stuff Thrift Shop. It’s a shop where anyone in need can get whatever they need at absolutely no cost. 

Kutkat said, “Basically like people that are in need or want to shop for free can do that. And then if people pick up some items and they want to donate money for those things, they’re welcome to do that. But it’s completely voluntary and you pay what you want.”

Item donations have been coming in from across Central Illinois.

“I really just wanted to see this in my own community, and so I thought, ‘Let’s try it and see what happens and see if there’s enough financial support within the community to lift the place up’ and tons of people have been showing up and donating so many items,” Kutkat said.

Community members are also able to help fund the shop’s day-to-day operations through $10, $20, or $50 financial subscriptions. 

“I like being of service. I don’t come from like a religious background or anything. This isn’t based in any particular creed or set of principles. It just feels like the right thing to do,” she said.

The idea stemmed from when Kutkat was living in Oregon. There, a local church had a similar operation, but she found the hours and accessibility were limited. 

She said, “So I started researching like if somebody needs services, right, like where do they go? And it was like you had to go to the–this spot of town of like, the first Tuesday of every month at 4 o’clock and you had to be on the other side of town…”

When Kutkat ultimately moved back home to Morton, she was able to start the store how she envisioned. She says it’s been amazing to see the community support.

“I love sharing this idea with people and I love the excitement and the relief when someone in need comes in here and they can say ‘yes’ to things.”

savannah kutkat

And even though Kutkat doesn’t collect a salary from the shop right now, she is hoping all the items will continue to serve their purpose.  

Kutkat said, “It’s a place that—it just feels good for people and like I’m thriving on that energy as well right? Like you get what you give. So I feel as empowered as the people that shop here.”

Enough Stuff Thrift Shop is located at 422 E. Washington St., Suite 100 in East Peoria.

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