MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Shadow, a dog on the K-9 unit in the Morton Police Department, had a retirement party at the station Thursday afternoon.

His handler, Mike Foster, is sad to see his dog leave.

“I’m a little bit nervous for him, when he does retire and hears my car start-up, and he’s kind of left at home, so I’m going to miss him, it’s going to be a bit of a lonely time at work without having him with me, but he definitely deserves some R and R time,” Foster said.

Shadow has been a member of the unit for the past nine years and has been recognized numerous times for his help in solving crime. Foster reflected on his favorite memory of being with Shadow and helping the community.

“Probably just all the demos where I had to go in front of the schools and meet with the kids and the teachers and the faculty there, to kind of show them what a police K-9 dog is capable of doing and how they help us on the street,” Foster said.

Foster said the department plans to add a new dog to the unit as a replacement. When that will be announced is unclear at the moment.