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Morton School Board says band director had inappropriate relationship with employee

MORTON - A popular Morton high school teacher is being reassigned after 18 years as the marching band director.

1993 Morton graduate Jeff Neavor ​​​​​will no longer be the marching band director at his alma mater, after helping the band program succeed on many occasions over the years, including 14 state championships.

Last Thursday, the Morton School District posted a job opening for the band director position for the 2019-20 school year. Word of the vacancy spread and now band students' parents are trying to figure out a way to protest the decision.

Tuesday, Morton School Board President Thomas M. Neely told WMBD that Neavor will be reassigned due to him having an inappropriate relationship with a female employee at the school, whom he had supervision powers over. 

The relationship violated the policy for business relationships.

The board said if and when somebody new is hired to take the band director position, Neavor will then be reassigned to a different position. However, until then, he still has his job. 

The Morton Education Association (MEA) has since gotten involved.

"Mr. Neavor is an outstanding teacher and has helped his band students receive national recognition," MEA President Tony Feleccia said. "We are disheartened by the districts action but are also hopeful we can reach an agreement before entering into arbitration."

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