Mossville business continues to give, grow after almost 50 years

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For Becky Schotthofer, one particular Mossville hayloft is more than just a barn attic. It’s the nearly 50-year-old business brainchild of her mother, JoAnn.

“She said, ‘I know! We’re in the hayloft of the barn. Let’s call it the Hayloft!’” said Schotthofer.

Her mother, now 93, has taken a step back from daily shop operations. But any given day, you’ll find Schotthofer and her team of six hard at work selling gifts, antiques and clothing at the Hayloft Shops in Mossville.

“We had a tea room at one time for 15 years and we needed more room for our clothing store,” she said.

But the family’s entry into entrepreneurship stemmed from a tragic life curveball.

“My mom had been in an automobile accident and had taken ceramics for therapy,” said Schotthofer. “The drunk driver that hit her had no money. So she had like $45 and she started the shop and she did it with all hand painted ceramics.”

Fast forward to 2019, the Hayloft Shops has grown from what started off as a small a gift shop in the Schotthofer’s family barn.

She said, “We have grown now to a block long of shops in Mossville.”

The Hayloft Shops now consists of three different stores in the local historic district. It’s a dramatic change since the business started in 1970. But Schotthofer says one thing that has remained the same is the customer support.
“We’ve got customers that have been with us 30 and 40 years, you know,” she laughed.

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