Mothers turn shared experiences into new book ‘Birthmarks’

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"I decided to create the book that I wanted to read. That I needed to read.”

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Brooke Nelson could not understand why she was the only new mother struggling with postpartum depression.

“I was struggling with it, and I was talking to my mom about it. And I asked her why nobody else seems to be having problems,” Nelson said. “And she kind of laughed and said ‘Oh honey, they’re just lying.’”

Nelson, Library Media Specialist at East Peoria Community High School, searched for women she could relate to.

“I was searching desperately for some kind of connection with other women who had been going through what I was going through,” Nelson said. “It just didn’t exist for me, so I decided to create the book that I wanted to read, that I needed to read.”

Nelson reached out to the other mothers in her circle and asked them to share their stories. She quickly realized that most women were going through the same obstacles as her.

The end result is “Birthmarks: True Stories from Real Mothers.” It is a compilation of essays written by mothers about topics ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to grief and loss.

Released in October 2020, Nelson is running a promotion from April 27 until May 1. The e-book version is free to download off Amazon until Saturday, May 1.

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