Motorcyclists encourage community to clear grass clippings from the roads to prevent accidents

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ELMWOOD, Ill. (WMBD) – During the summer months, you’ll notice more people mowing their yards, but before you leave any grass clippings on the streets, motorcycle riders are asking you to think twice.

Elmwood resident Brian Sessa said he is an avid motorcycle rider, and on more than one occasion he has found the road leading to his home filled with grass clippings.

“Daylight, at least I can see it and I’ve been riding long enough, it probably won’t be a major problem,” Sessa said.

But Sessa said it’s the times when he may not notice the clippings that are the most concerning.

“If I had left here and gone riding, and I come back after dark, and I don’t see it, it’s like hitting a sheet of glass,” he said.

During the summer, it’s not uncommon to see more motorcycles on the roads.

“Especially this time of year, a lot of charitable organizations have their rides,” said Mike Duncan, motorcycles sales and service at Integ Motorsports.

While cars may not have much trouble driving over grass clippings, the same can’t be said about motorcycles.

“When we lose contact with the road on the motorcycle, you lose control of the bike and therefore you can either go off the road into the ditch. You can go off the road into the opposite lane,” Duncan said.

Duncan says you can help by blowing your clippings towards your yard, and a simple gesture can prevent serious injury.

“We’d appreciate that extra 5 minutes to blow that grass off there, so we make it home safe to our families,” he said.

Under the Illinois Litter Control Act, it is illegal to blow grass clippings onto roads.

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