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National Alpaca Show in Peoria

Peoria, IL - Get ready to change your social media profile picture to one you never knew you needed until now.

The Alpaca Owners Association will be offering a free opportunity to take a selfie with an alpaca at the Alpaca Owners Association National Alpaca Show sponsored by Fun in the Country Alpacas.

The event will take place at the Peoria Civic Center March 23-25.

Alpacas will be available for selfies throughout the event. Stop by the registration desk for details on where these photogenic animals will be.

Alpaca Selfie Tips:

·  Bring a smartphone or camera.

·  Bring your sense of humor and perseverance.

·  Alpacas prefer to be touched on the neck, sides and back. They don’t love being scratched behind the ears or on the head.

· Do not stand behind the alpaca. They think you’re pretty cute too and prefer to keep you in sight!

·  They may hum a tune for you while you are taking your selfie. Feel free to sing along.

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