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As Peoria continues to iron out its stormwater utility fee, Public Works is finishing its website, giving residents more transparency. 

City Stormwater Engineer Andrea Kopfenstein has had her hand in creating the website. 

“The website has been one of those pieces to help with public education, to help people understand the need,” says Klopfenstein.

Public Works believes it’s important that residents get a clear picture of where their dollars and cents are going. 

“What we’re trying to educate the entire community about the infrastructure is not just public owned, but private owned and everybody has a piece of it.” 

To paint a clearer picture, you can access a map based on a 2015 county-wide flyover. It gets more specific, detailing in red how much impervious area is on your property, and how much you can expect to pay monthly, quarterly, and anually. 

“You’re able to click on a parcel and it’ll pull up the parcel identification number and you can search by their address.”

Public Works Director Scott Reeise says you’ll be greeted by a long list of facts from what impervious area is, to why the utility fee matters.

“We’re gonna have a section called ‘your utility at work,’ so people can actually go and see what the revenue is bringing.” 

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