PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Neighbors are remembering the mother of five children killed in Sunday’s triple car crash on War Memorial Drive.

Miriam Schmid, 43, of Edwards was killed at the intersection of Route 150 and Trigger Road on Sunday.

Her neighbor, Lindsay Kleitsch, set up a GoFundMe to assist family with funeral expenses and medical bills.

Kleitsch said the Schmid family had recently moved to Dunlap and were integrating into the school system. She lived a few houses from them, and chatted with Miriam every morning at the bus stop. They also walked their dogs together and their sons played soccer together at school.

“I was compelled to start a GoFundMe because…I want them to have the freedom to help their family process and eventually heal,” she wrote to WMBD.

More than $7,000 have been raised so far, surpassing Kleitsch’s initial goal of $2,000.

“I am encouraged at how generous the community is towards this new family…The Dunlap Schools community and the kids classrooms, have been awesome!,” wrote Kleitsch.

Kleitsch said she hopes the family feels “God’s love for them and the support of their neighbors, classmates, parents and community.”