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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Dan Cipolla of Peoria is a professional DJ. Thursday, he used his musical talents to entertain his neighborhood.

County leaders continuously urge people to stay home and practice social distancing, so neighbors found a way to have fun while following the rules.

Casie Phegley works at OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois. She caters to people’s health needs while working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 daily.

It’s scary going to work every day and just knowing I’m putting myself at risk, but I have to be there for my patients but we’re doing our part and keeping our distance.

Casie Phegley, OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois

Phegley said she is adjusting to a new routine. “I feel like I go to work and when I come home there’s not really much fun,” she said.

Cipolla’s curbside concert added some excitement to the lives of Phegley’s family and surrounding neighbors. People heard the beats, peeked out their windows, walked out their doors and passersby smiled while strolling down the street.

Jamie Davies also works at Children’s Hospital of Illinois. She and her family were out for exercise when the music caught their attention.

“We’re definitely keeping our distance. I think it’s just good for your mental health to go an exercise that’s what we were doing we were going for a walk and we heard something and she started dancing,” Davies said.

Davies said current restrictions have been hard on her family. She wants to expose her daughter to different activities, but now that many businesses are closed she is not able to.

“She’s finally to the age where we can go to the zoo, go to the farm, park, and she can say cow, dog, cat and not being able to do that has been really hard so just getting out and giving her a little bit of “normalcy” out of the house and out of the yard has been really nice,” Davies said.

Cipolla’s wife Renee Cipolla said her family is trying to adjust to the new normal as best they can.

It’s been weird I mean this a world that we don’t know our children don’t know that nobody knows so you’re just adapting to what you can and how you can. It’s been rough but we’re trying to make the best of it.

Renee Cipolla, Peoria

Neighbors said they are grateful to Cipolla for shining a little light during a dark time.

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