Neighbors call for a welfare check, police discover 80-year-old dead

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PEORIA, Ill. — One couple who lived right next door to Joyce A. Hexdall is the reason police found her dead in the home.

The Peoria Police Department was called to the 500 block of E. Melbourne Ave on a welfare check on Tuesday. It was all because Reginald Lee Hunn Sr. and Stephanie Hunn had a feeling something was not right.

Stephanie said Hexdall was isolated and hardly spoke to anyone in the neighborhood and that she rarely had visitors.

She never spoke about any children or even nieces or nephews so she led kind of a lonesome life.

Stephanie Hunn, Hexdall’s neighbor

Reginald said the last time he saw her was in December. She usually came outside to walk her dogs or pick up her daily paper, but within the last few weeks neighbors did not see her step out of the house.

“Never any foot tracks of any kind the dogs they hadn’t been outside or anything,” Reginald said.

Reginald said he finally realized something was wrong.

I told my wife, I said honey, when we get back I want you to call the police and get somebody over there and check and see if that lady is doing okay.

Reginald Lee Hunn Sr., Hexdall’s neighbor

Shortly after neighbors were informed of the bad news.

Peoria County Coroner, Jamie Harwood, said Hexdall suffered from frostbite and cold exposure prior to her death.

The sad part about it too is here you have a person right next door to you and you don’t even know they froze to death that’s sad that’s very sad,” Stephanie said.

Alex Arregyn lived across the street. He said learning the news made him feel bad.

“It’s your neighbors and you don’t want to see your neighbors pass away and you’re like man I should have done something about it,” Arregyn said.

The Hunn’s said Hexdall was not kind to them, but they didn’t let that stop them from checking in.

“She’s a human being and God made all of us all,” Reginald said.

Even though a person don’t treat you good like how she was, still check on them still have a kind heart you know because she is one of God’s children

Stephanie Hunn, PEORIA

WMBD reached out to Ameren, they said Hexdall’s power was not disconnected.

Harwood said that Hexdall’s furnace was not operating.

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