Neighbors in Fairview clean up after Saturday’s severe storms

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FAIRVIEW, Ill. (WMBD) — Severe storms rolled through the Village of Fairview on Saturday morning, leaving behind downed power lines, broken tree limbs, and damaged buildings.

Fire Chief Mark Hanlin said clean up started up again early on Sunday.

“Started with just getting streets opened where we could, had a lot of power lines down, we couldn’t be around those but we worked to get the trees of the streets so we could just get to people,” said Chief Hanlin.

He said damage from the storm affected people’s homes.

“A handful of houses have severe roof damage, trees through the roofs, into the bedrooms, into the attics, and then on some other houses you don’t see anything wrong, just a lot of little limbs in the yard, so it’s a wide variety,” said Chief Hanlin.

He also said the storm caused damage to parts of the Village like the cemetery and baseball field.

“This might take about a week to get cleaned up,” said Fairview Fire Protection District Cadet Bradley McCone.

McCone said department leaders appreciate support in the aftermath of the storms.

“If you want to get around and help local fire departments, even donating some cases of water to help out, that’ll definitely help out quite a bit,” said McCone.

Chief Hanlin encourages people to be careful after a storm, and avoid any downed power lines.

“You don’t know what’s live and what’s not as far as power lines, so we always assume it’s a live wire, that’s what I always tell people, if your lights are off in your house, that doesn’t mean the wire is not still energized laying in your yard,” said Chief Hanlin.

Both the Fire Department and American Legion opened as cooling centers for people still without power.

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