Neighbors put their passion into action to end gun violence

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — In light of recent mass shootings, the Bloomington community is deciding to take action.

Wednesday evening, Moms Demand Action organization exercised its passion and rallied for what it said is common sense gun laws, out of the McLean County History Museum.

“How many mass shootings do we need to have until it’s enough this is a question we keep hearing, “McLean County Chapter of Moms Demand Action Co-Lead Karen Irvin said.

America has seen myriad mass shootings over the years and people are tired and afraid.

“They’re frustrated, we’re angry in addition to the sadness,” Irvin said.

“It’s very scary when all these people are being shot, using weapons of war that shouldn’t be on the street in the first place,” Leonard Ball of Bloomington said.

They grieved, prayed, and emphasized the need for gun safety.

“We were ready to come back here continue this fight…we also wanted to allow them a place to be educated about the daily gun violence that happens in our country,” Irvin said.

Many question why owning assault rifles is legal.

“I don’t understand why this country has to sell assault rifles,” Kathy Watson of Bloomington said.

“There’s no reason for any individual to have that,” Bell said.

Neighbors are doing what they can to put an end to gun violence.

“It wasn’t enough when babies were being killed,” Bell said. “It’s going to take voices it’s going to take a lot of people coming together like this raising their voices demanding action from their elected representatives.

“I think some people are going to have to get very serious in government and have some backbone to say no to the NRA,” Watson.

Irvin said she will do everything it takes encourage legislators to pass sensible gun legislation.

“We will pray and we will cry…[and] do something that will help many of us toward reform in our country and a safer environment for everyone,” Irvin said.

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