Neighbors taking precaution after a string of burglaries

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PEORIA, Ill. — Wednesday, the Peoria Police Department responded to four residential burglaries. Now surrounding neighbors are on edge.

“If I go to sleep and I think somebody could be going up, I’m not going to really sleep that night or the next night or the next night until it’s taken care of,” Wendy Faulkner of Peoria said.

She said she hasn’t heard about any robberies near her in the past and would be frightened if she was ever in the same position.

“I would be completely terrified of that so it’s very terrifying that it’s even happening in my neighborhood,” Faulkner said.

Other neighbors could agree with her.

“It would probably scare the heck out of me you know to see someone that I don’t know standing in my house and I don’t have anything to defend myself with,” Jan Cusac of Peoria said.

The only people affected were senior citizens. Currently, there is no evidence that anything was stolen.

Peoria police say regardless of the neighborhood home intrusion is unacceptable.

Keep out door lights on, have your shubbery trimmed around your house and this [is] for regardless of where you live. This doesn’t matter the zip code or the area of the city, these are just general burglary prevention tips.

Amy Dotson, Peoria Police Department public information officer

Neighbors are now considering securing their homes with surveillance cameras and added protection to doors and windows.

Police also urge you to keep your doors locked and to stay vigilant.

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