Neighbors urged to travel safely during the holiday weekend

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PEORIA, Ill. — As neighbors are taking advantage of their long weekend, law enforcement urges everyone to be careful.

“[I’m] hanging out with friends having a good time we’re going to go zip-lining so it’ll be a good time,” one Peoria resident said.

Thousands are packing their bags and hitting the roads.

Peoria county Sherrif Brian Asbell said there’s nothing wrong with having fun, but you need to make good decisions.

“Labor day like any other holiday weekend there’s going to be more police enforcement out, so we have special patrols going all weekend,” Sheriff Asbell said.

So in case you think about drinking and driving or checking your phone, just don’t do it. You could end up being fined or even worse taking someone’s life.

“Put the phones down, distracted driving it’s not working, we’re seeing more incidents of distracted driving than driving under the influence, both are deadly,” Sheriff Asbell said.

You can still enjoy your holiday beverages, but think ahead and use other modes of transportation.

“Use a ride-sharing device use uber, take an uber their take an uber home so it doesn’t give you an excuse to be on the road if you don’t have to be,” Sheriff Asbell said.

He just wants everyone to get home safely.

You may have to fill up your tank before heading out. Right now Gas Buddy shows the average price is $2.60. If you’re looking for the cheapest price it’s $2.39 at Costco.

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