Netflix drops new series ‘Prince of Peoria,’ showcases River City in episodes

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A new Netflix series called the “Prince of Peoria” dropped Friday and as the title suggests, it’s based in the River City. 

The writers of the show, Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton, based the show off of a prince who wants to live a normal American life. 

We often see large cities, like Chicago, New York and California portrayed in these types of series, but Peoria takes the crown this time. 

“We definitely wanted a city in the Midwest,” says Nick Stanton, Prince of Peoria writer. “A 13-year-old prince from this far away fictitious country wants to live the life of an average American teenager. So, he comes to American and he chooses Peoria.”

You can watch the eight episodes on Netflix if you have a subscription to the video service. 

“There’s a ton of shows that are set in Los Angeles, because that’s where a lot of the entertainment industry is or New York, or even Chicago,” said Stanton. “Myself, I grew up in a very small town in rural Minnesota and I didn’t see that represented on TV. We wanted to create a show that was set in a part of the country that was unique and maybe an audience hadn’t seen represented on TV before.”

Stanton also says there’s a plan in place for more episodes to drop in 2019. 

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