Never point a gun at someone even if it’s a prop, local firearms instructor says

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A local firearms instructor is reminding gun owners about safety precautions in light of actor Alec Baldwin misfiring a prop gun on the set of his movie “Rust” in New Mexico, killing a cinematographer and injuring the film’s director.

Shane Hoadley, firearms instructor at Good Shepherd Defense in Peoria, said safety is the personal responsibility of the individual handling the gun.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a prop gun, a training gun, or a real gun — we treat it as if it’s loaded. When someone hands you a firearm, you check it to make sure that it’s clear,” he said.

Hoadley said the cardinal rule is to never point a gun at someone.

“We never point a gun at anything that we aren’t willing to destroy, so unless we’re on the range, training, practicing, then that gun isn’t pointed anywhere except in a safe direction. We never put our finger on the trigger until we’re ready to shoot,” he said.

Prop guns are often used on movie sets for realistic effects. Hoadley said prop guns have enough powder in them to make the desired explosion. Even though there is no bullet, there could be something stuck inside.

Even though there is no bullet, “something lodged in the barrel could come out,” Hoadley said. “There are still safety rules when using blanks. You being safe keeps everyone else safe.”

The situation involving Baldwin is under investigation, and no charges have been filed.

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