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Firefighters do their best to battle blazes and save lives despite being put in harms way, but that could soon change with the creation of a smartphone app. 

Flow MSP is an app created by Jason Marvel of Streator and it’s being used to aid first responders during crunch time.

Marvel said he created the app after seeing how long it took members of the Streator Fire Department to do their pre-planning process.

“It was labor intensive, it took Chief Bird two and a half hours to gather all of the necessary information to properly pre plan the structure,” he said. 

The app gives fire departments the ability to view building structures and which parts of that structure may be dangerous.

“Every building is a little unique with the layout and the materials that is is built with and if we pre-identify those materials and the layout in our plan when you pull it up on your screen on your way to the fire that helps you review what you’ve seen before and its going to help you initiate your plan and identify all the hazards,” he explained.

And that information was used to aid Peru firefighters during the witzcak bros auto repair fire that happened on New Years Eve.

Peru Fire Chief Jeff King said the information he and his staff got — ultimately helped save lives.

“As far as a a layout, the more information you have, its just like a football game,” King said. “The more information you have about the other team before you get there the better you are, this is what this is. Its helping us out with our strategy once we get there we know, we have a lot of the information already answered.”

Marvel said he’s glad fire departments are finding out about the app and that it’s helping fire departments.

“It’s why we are in business, keep fire fighters safe and keep the community safe,” he said. 

This app is only in Illinois, but Marvel says he will continue to update the app in hopes to expand it to other states. 

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