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New changes are on their way to Gold's Gym in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Gold's Gym in Bloomington will be parting ways with its pool to add a million dollar multi-purpose space.

Friday staff members began pumping the pool dry to make way for the new space. The gym's Co-Owner, John Morgan, is embracing the change, though he did say it was a hard decision to make.

Gym members, however, are split on the issue.

"I am sorry to see the pool go," said long time member Dave Thompkins. "I am one of the ones who liked the pool as an accessory and something to use. Unfortunately  I didn't use it as often as I could have."

The new multi-purpose space at gold's gym is designed to cater to the increasing popularity of court sports. The already present basketball court will be expanded to make room for new sports like pickle ball and badminton.

"We will be able to concentrate more on the floor type of sports that up until now we've had limited space available," said Morgan.

Morgan says the activities that will be available in the new space will offer different but possibly better exercise opportunities. He says he wishes he could keep the pool open, but the cost to maintain it was getting too high.

The wall between the pool area and the basketball court will be torn down to make the 10,000 square foot space that will also be renovated with new floor and lighting.

"I think that it kind of gives more flexibility to more people's different types work out styles," said long time member Greg Johnson. "I think that's always a good thing, in terms of, you don't get bored with things because you have different things to do."

Morgan says architects are working on a draft for the space and he expects most of the new activities to be ready in 3-4 months.

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