New downtown business marks first effort for revitalization

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The city is celebrating it’s newest business downtown.

This exciting expansion of family owned business for more than 40 years.

Downtown Peoria is a top priority for city leaders this summer as they’re looking to grow business, green space and housing opportunities. 

“You’ve got the river right there, you’ve got the interstates coming through, and the downtown is getting ready to boom and we wanted to be in on the ground floor,” says Mike Hollar, Owner Of ASA.

“Downtown is not dead,” says Denise Moore, 1St District. “Downtown is alive and well and it’s okay to come to the downtown for services like this.”

Nestled in downtown Peoria on Main Street and Perry, Mike Hollar and his wife are the proud owners of the only store in this building, ASA Screen Printing and Awards.

“We feel lucky to be able to come in here because the downtown,” says Hollar. “Peoria has more potential than any other city I can imagine.” 

Playing the role of trailblazer, ASA is helping to revitalize this area when it comes to business.

“It feels great because it’s confirmation for all the investment that we’ve been putting in to the downtown, putting in to the warehouse district,” says Moore. “Trying to bring up the area and improve the area.”

Not only is there ample empty space for new businesses, there’s room to grow and invest in the downtown community.

“It gives us a chance to show our Peoria spirit and all the stuff we have here,” says Hollar.

“Our downtown in open for business and we’re encouraging other businesses who see the value of coming into the downtown,” says Moore.

President and CEO of Downtown Development Corporation, Michael Freilinger says this is proof that their efforts are paying off and they say this is just the beginning for the transformation of downtown.

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