New grant given to Peoria Public Schools creates internship opportunities for students

Local News

PEORIA, Ill., Students in Peoria will soon have a new avenue to learn about possible careers. 

The Peoria Board of Education just received the Illinois apprenticeship grant worth $39,000. 

The district is partnering with Peoria Heddington Oaks, a community-based healthcare provider, to help students expand their employment opportunities. 

This opportunity will be given to 13 students within the district. 

“We’re providing a lot more internships and work-based experiences for our students so I’m very excited about this opportunity for our young people to sort of roll up their sleeves up and get immersed in the real work and get a nice idea of what it all entails,” Peoria Public School Superintendent, Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat said. 

Peoria Heddington Oaks is committed to hiring these students after graduation. 

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