New park coming to Washington in honor of former residents

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WASHINGTON, Ill., A couple who once gave so much to the Washington community will never stop giving.

Greg Gordon, son of Robert and Loretta Gordon, wants to honor his parents for all of their contributions by helping to build a memorial park in their name.

“This will be here forever, long after I’m gone…This will still be something for everybody to come back and remember what my parents did for this city and how much this city meant to them,” Gordon said.

This park will be built on Peoria Street and will include a playscape, putting green and picnic area.

Unique elephant styled benches will be placed throughout the park because of Loretta’s love for the animal.

“I hope they would be proud. I’m sure they would be,” Gordon said.

“My grandparents…were just such pillars in the community when they were alive and now that they’re gone I mean yes the family is hurting, but so is the community because they did so much for it,” Gordon’s daughter Brandyce DeFreitas said. “So the fact that we can take their memory and use that to give back and give it to the community for generations to come is amazing.”  

Washington residents will not have to pay taxes in order for this park to be built.

“It all comes down to donations, the park is being built entirely by donations. There are no tax dollars involved it’s just people in the community donating money to build it,” Gordon said.

“People get to willing give, it’s not just an automatic coming out of my account no matter what, I think it’s fantastic that if you [want to] give you can,” Gordon’s son-in-law Matthew DeFreitas said.

The Gordon family said they hope the city of Washington will be excited about this new development.

“I hope they take away a sense of community a sense of belonging,” Gordon said.

“It’s gonna tie the community together in a way that we haven’t really seen before,” Matthew said.

Gordon said the tentative groundbreaking for the park is May 6 and he hopes that it can be finished and open by next spring. 

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