BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The legalized weed business is growing in Central Illinois and Bloomington could soon welcome its second cannabis dispensary.

The City of Bloomington’s zoning board recently approved plans for Project Equity Illinois, Inc. to set up a new dispensary at 1106 JC Parkway near the Bloomington Walmart.

If approved, the developers would purchase the entire property which features over 13,000 square feet of vacant, retail storefronts. The dispensary would sell cannabis flowers, pre-roller joints, concentrates, cartridge/vape, edibles/beverages, tinctures, and topicals.

Conor Johnston a partner with Project Equity Illinois, Inc. said they see the potential by locating in Bloomington.

“Particularly with our location on the west-end of town we’re banking on the back of future developments on that end of town and the prospects of housing and even growth at Rivian and expansion in that area,” Johnston said.

He said by opening the business the city will see increased tax revenue.

The city council will have the final say on this project at one of its meetings in June.