BARTONVILLE, Ill. (WMBD)–Kristy Flowers, a parent, and Bartonville resident decided to take advantage of Monday’s holiday.

“We were off school. So, we decided to sled,” said Flowers.

The village is testing out a new program sponsored by the Alpha Park Public Library and Bartonville Park Committee.

The Bartonville Parks and Recreation Facebook page announced this weekend the “Little Free Sled Library” was open.

All the participants have to do is take a sled, use it, and return it when they’re done.

According to the Facebook page, there’s been money and donated sleds from the public collected over the last few weeks.

“I love that they have the fun things to do. Kids need to be kids. So let them sled and get free books. It’s just a lot of fun,” said Flowers.

It’s now open at both Alpha and Lauterbach Parks.

“I think it’s really cool because if you forget your sled or if you showed up and there was nothing in there, you’d have something to sled with,” said Bartonville resident Jilliane Quine.

“It’s really fun. To be out here and have this right my backyard pretty much,” said Bartonville resident Preston Quine.

Alpha Park’s sled library is found near the playground and Lauterbach’s is near the park’s road gate.