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New study reveals women with breast cancer can skip Chemotherapy

CENTRAL ILLINOIS - A new study shows many women with breast cancer can safely skip Chemo treatments.

Research by the American Society of Clinical Oncology assessed women's cancer risk based on genes.

Researchers found about 70% of women diagnosed within the early stages of breast cancer won't need Chemotherapy.

Employees at Susan G. Komen Foundation, which helped fund this study, are excited about the discovery. 

"It's so exciting to see where science and medicine goes six years later," says Katie Parker of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. "Sitting down in front of an Oncologist, my conversation may be completely different, I made, and my patients make the best decision they can with the resources they have at that time, and now this is a whole another conversation."

Susan G. Komen invested more than $226 million in over 590 Research Grants and nearly 100 clinical trials focused on precision medicine.

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