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NFL Play 60 inspires fit & healthy lifestyle for youth

HAVANA, Il - Havana Illinois is used to being a small city. Thursday, future and current ducks welcomed professional athletes to their Friday night home, turning their 2-A stadium into a top destination for anyone in the state.

When the National Football League launched play 60 a decade ago as a way to get kids active, Havana never thought professional athletes would being sharing its field.

“Fuel up to play 60, we want to make sure we're getting the kids active, want to make sure that we give that awareness to exercising, nutrition is very very important,” said Priest Holmes.

Super Bowl champion Priest Holmes knows the importance of staying fit, as well as surrounding yourself with the right atmosphere to succeed. Holmes encouraged kids to find their calling, something he refers to as an individual's ace of spades.

“It's something that your mom can tell you, your dad can tell you, your grandparents, your big brother or your little sister it's something that they talk about that is very unique, sometimes you hold on to that piece of information and you never know how long it'll take you or how far it'll take you in the NFL,” Holmes said.

For Havana senior center, Carter Knake, his ace of spades is spreading the Play 60 movement to more than 500 kids.

“Going around high fiving all these kids just kind of giving them the confidence they need, whether it's in sports or in the classroom,” explained Knake.

Holmes, who has his own foundation, stresses the importance of encouraging education and improving the lives of children in the community

“Just making up your bed in the morning, doing the small things,” said Holmes. He add, “It's the same thing that comes to sports and play 60 minutes, just putting the little small things together and eventually as your grow bigger and get older you start to develop the areas of need where you want to be. All those things you've done along the way are going to be beneficial to you.”


There are many ways you can join the play 60 movement -- through school programs, contests and community events. For more information, you can visit Play 60

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