Non-profit uses new way to water gardens

Local News
RAINWATER HARVESTING_1503001039754.jpg

A local non-profit found a new way to water their gardens.

“Gifts in the Moment” started their new rainwater harvesting project. They got it up and running about a week ago, thanks to a grant from Illinois American Water.

Rainwater goes through the gutters of a home at Common Place, filters through a series of obstacles, and makes its way into 5 buckets at the back of the home. Once the buckets are full, all the water will go into a big bucket on a trailer.

The organization just cleaned the gutters out on Thursday, so clean water can filter through easier.

“The really cool thing is this is mother nature’s water, so it’s always going to be better than what we can get out of the tap or the spicket,” said Denise Urycki, with “Gifts in the Moment.”

The non-profit plans to use the rainwater collected to water their gardens, located mainly on the south side.

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