NORMAL Ill. (WMBD) — For the last forty years, if you lived in Normal, you’d pay anywhere between one hundred and five hundred dollars in tax after already buying a vehicle.

The vehicle use tax was .75% on registered vehicle owners that live within the town’s limits.

That includes boats, motorcycles, trailers, and everyday vehicles.

Council Member Kathleen Lorenz said it’s always a good day when you hear one of your taxes is being repealed.

“If we could figure out a way to get some money back into the pockets of some residents and some taxpayers then let’s find a way to do it and this tax seemed to be one we could easily repeal back and save a lot of headaches,” said Lorenz.

Getting rid of the vehicle tax will likely result in the town losing more than $350,000 a year.

Council member Karyn Smith first brought the idea up to eliminate the use tax in a previous council meeting. She said she doesn’t see the vehicle use tax coming back anytime soon.

“We’re in an excellent position to release that tax at this time and don’t feel there will come a time in the foreseeable future where we have to restore it,” said Smith.

The vehicle use tax will remain in effect until July 1st.