NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Tuesday marked day two of reviewing objection petitions that were against splitting Normal into six districts.

The Normal electoral board decided not to move forward with putting the referendum of “At-large” versus “Six districts” on the November ballot.

When originally proposed, there was talk of having one council member being elected per district. Monday, the heart of the discussion centered around two items, a records check to validate the signatures that petitioned for the referendum and if the term “town” be interchangeable with the word “village” when referring to Normal.

Tuesday, the electoral board overruled the objection about the records check. Elector board chairman, Normal Mayor Chris Koos, said the town versus village argument can affect how Normal can govern itself pertaining to the referendum at hand.

“We are a town by charter. We are not a village,” Koos said.

Mayor Koos also said if the respondent disagrees with the board’s decision to not put the “At large” versus “District” seat on the ballot, they can go to the circuit court for an appeal.