Normal passes 2019 tax levy; tax increases are inevitable

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NORMAL, Ill. — People in Normal will be paying more in taxes next year.

On Monday night leaders put the final stamp on the 2019 property tax levy. As a result, if you own a house worth $165,000 you will be paying a little more than $6 more next year​​​​​​​.

“One thing people do not understand is that all of us on here are taxpayers,” said Councilwoman Chemberly Cummings. “We all feel that six dollar pinch.”

Last month community members spoke out against tax increases, which prompted the council to ask city staff to come up with a plan that keeps tax rates the same. 

However after a long discussion, some council members said by not raising taxes, the town would not be able to hire a communications director.

“There is a distrust in government,” said Councilman Stan Nord. “We told the community that this is what we were going to be doing, this property tax levy. Now we are changing it at the last minute.”

The communications director position is one that the town has already posted and received multiple applications for. 

“I’m suggesting we increase that (the levy) by 8/10’s of 1% that’s it,” said Councilman Kevin McCarthy. “To fund a communications position that we all agree we want to better at.”

Legally by 2040 fire and police pensions must be funded 90%. For years Normal has gone above and beyond that, funding those pensions at 100%.

However, under the new levy, the council is opting to align with the state requirement. They say it’s their way of helping save you money.

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