Normal residents could soon be able to have alcohol delivered to their homes

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NORMAL, Ill. — Grocery stores in Normal may soon be able to deliver alcohol to your doorstep.

On Monday, the Normal Town Council will come together to talk about the idea. 

“A lot of people are groceries shopping online and then driving to places such as Walmart and picking them up,” said Normal Manager, Pam Reece.

Online grocery shopping is a new fad sweeping the nation and in an effort to remain competitive the Walmart in Normal presented town leaders with a plan. 

“As the liquor code is currently written, it is prohibited to carry (alcohol) out to someones vehicle,” said Reece. “We are asking council to look at amending this, the other one is to allow delivery.”

If approved grocers will be allowed to hand alcohol to customers directly, whether it’s home delivery or curbside pickup. 

“I see it being a great thing for stores to deliver alcohol,” said Blake Young of Normal. “It would possibly prevent some DUI’s and save some lives.”​​​​​​​

The second part of the ordinance would allow movie theaters to sell alcohol. 

“I’m all for that,” said Rose Marsaglia of Normal. “I go to Marcus theaters, and they serve it there, I don’t always take advantage of it but that’s okay.”

The council will meet on Monday at 7 p.m. in council chambers, those who wish to attend will be able to share their thoughts on the topic during public comment

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