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Normal West High School vowing to "Live for Livi"

NORMAL, Ill - A high school softball team is mourning their toughest loss ever.

Although this loss is something their hearts may never recover from every time they step up to the plate ready to swing the though of one of their own will always be in it.

The promising future of a high school senior cut short after Normal West High School senior Olivia Sonetz was killed in a car accident last week.

Thursday her teammates, but better known as her sisters honored her. Her sister Ellie Sonetz ran onto the field in Olivia’s place as they called her name in the starting line up.

“Clearly she was so loved and she impacted a lot of people's lives,” said Ellie. “Honestly I’m honored to be her sister.”

Several tears falling, countless hugs of embrace, and dozens of balloons billowing all for someone that her closest friends describe as selfless.

“She took care of others almost better than she took care of herself in a way,“ said one of her bestfriends Sydney Hollings.

Olivia looked up to her big sister and was just months away from following her footsteps taking her athletic career to the next level.

Ellie said, “She was going to Heartland next year, so we were going to play together another year.”

Her coach says losing Livi leaves a void that no win could ever fill.

“Even though we’re broken right now we know that love will keep us together,” said head softball coach April Sherman.

Her teammates say ultimately she’d want them to wipe their tears, batter up, and swing.

Sherman said, “She’s gonna be with us every game from here on out. Even though she might not be physically present we feel her presence.”

Although Livi is gone, her loved ones, teammates and the entire normal community will keep her spirit with them as they live on for Livi.

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