NTSB recommends seat belts for all future buses

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Safety policies may be changing in school districts across the US and they could affect your child.

The National Transportation Safety Board is now asking newly made school buses come with seat belts. 

This has been a conversation for many years especially since deadly crashes involving buses have been happening more frequently. 

“It’s a difference between a recommendation and a requirement,” says Randy Merker, Interim Superintendent Dunlap Schools. “While they are a ruling board for us, we’re still waiting to see what the state board of education has.”

Illinois is one of 42 states that doesn’t require lap belts or shoulder straps on buses, but officials say it should be a mandatory. 

“When you have a recommendation for seat belts, I think we all recognize that it’s a safer world today with seat belts in our car,” says Merker. “Very first thing you and I do when we get in our car is fasten our seat belt. Kids are used to doing that.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says four to six children die each year on school transportation vehicles.

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