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O'Brien employees are recognized as heroes

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Members of the O'Brien Auto Team are being recognized for their acts of heroism.

At O'Brien Kia of Bloomington, 3 employees stand above the rest. On Thursday, they were recognized with hero awards.

When 20-year-old Jordan Turner collapsed on the job about 4 months ago, Romy Williams and Cathy Napoline jumped in and did the only thing they knew how.

"I didn't really feel anything different," said Jordan Turner, O'Brien Sales Professional. "It kind of felt like I was just asleep."

Turner was working as a sales porter for the car dealership when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Although he doesn't remember collapsing, his heroes do.

"I didn't even realize what was happening until Jeremy had said to me, there's no pulse, and he's not breathing," said Cathy Napoline, Warranty Administrator. "And I realized what we were doing at that time. And we just kept going, I mean, there's no time to think about it."

The volunteer firefighter and former medical professional gave him CPR and mouth-to-mouth until paramedics arrived with an AED.

"There's a big field in back here where we keep all the cars," said Napoline. "And I know Jordan had just pulled a car up to wash it. So I really think, in a sense, it was his lucky day, because he could have been back in that field, and nobody would have saw him."

Despite that traumatic experience, Turner returned to work  hoping to pursue his dream of becoming a car salesman. And he succeeded.

"I'm just extremely grateful for Cathy and Romy for saving my life," said Turner. "And I couldn't thank them enough."
Now the dealership is partnering with the American Red Cross, to get over 75% of their staff CPR certified, and get an AED put in each Bloomington-Normal location.

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