Officers in Le Roy are teaming up with area businesses to help keep the roads clear.

After every snow storm community leaders in Le Roy try to get the roads as clear as they can, as fast as they can, to allow everyone to go on with their lives.

This weekend a big storm left several semi truck drivers stranded in Le Roy with no where to go. Truck drivers need overnight parking for their mandatory resting periods and in Central Illinois each city has at least one area, but during this weekend’s storm both lots in Le Roy filled up. 

To combat this officers from the LPD worked for hours to move semi’s to additional parking areas in town. Truckers were able to get their much needed rest at places like Alexander Lumber, The Le Roy Family Medicine Clinic and the Days Inn. 

“The community is great at helping and supporting us, and this is just another exmple of that,” said Jason Williamson, Le Roy Chief of Police.

Officers say they are beyond grateful to the people that helped them, but they hope to not have to ask them for help, again, anytime soon.

“Hopefully this is the last one for 2019, but from the forecast doesn’t look like it,” said Williamson. “But if it happens again we will be ready.”

This is the 5th year the officers in Le Roy pitched in to help.