EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Warmer weather and sunny days mean more activity on Central Illinois waterways.

The Fon du lac Park District Chief of Police sending reminders to boaters to be prepared.

This includes checking the boat’s life jackets, gas tank, and battery capacity.

Boaters should also make sure someone on land knows where they are in case of an emergency. If you’re boating on the Illinois River, you also must be aware of more rules due to barge traffic.

“It’s very important that you know the rules of the road for the water. You have green channel markers and red channel markers. That is the area where you’re going to have the most depth to operate your boat. You want to make sure that when you’re operating your watercraft you stay in between those markers. Understand that barge traffic always has the right of way,” Fon du Lac Park District Chief of Police Michael Johnson.

Johnson also asks boaters to be kind and be willing to help other operators if they end up in trouble.

All vessels powered by a motor or sail must be registered with the state.