PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Middle school students will return to Olympia Middle School on Tuesday, May 2, after test results came back negative after a fire broke out earlier this month.

Dr. Laura O’Donnell, the district’s superintendent, said sampling tests came back and showed there was minimal impact on the middle school wing of the building. 

“Cleaning by the specialists will start tomorrow and will continue through the weekend/Monday. The cafe and kitchen have been cleaned and the health department will be here tomorrow to clear that area,” she said in an email.

The superintendent said a temporary wall has been installed in the commons to prohibit any traffic in the gym area or F wing of the building. The effect of that, she said, will affect what food the school can offer for lunches.

“Our warmers can only be plugged into certain outlets and when we reroute student traffic, it may be impossible to utilize those and/or serve warm food,” O’Donnell said. “We will share a menu with you as soon as possible but we are anticipating salads, cold sandwiches / gondolas, etc. may be on the menu next week.”

The high school, the superintendent said, was much more affected by the April 13 fire. Testing showed more cleaning and testing was required before school could resume in person. As of now, high school students will be remote through Friday, May 5, she said.

If the high school is not ready to be occupied by Monday, May 8, then the district will begin an alternating schedule for the middle school and the high school for in-person instruction.

If the plan is put into place, here is the schedule of attendance:

  • Monday, May 8th – high school (OHS) In-person; middle school (OMS) Remote
  • Tuesday, May 9th – OMS In-person; OHS Remote
  • Wednesday, May 10th – OHS In-person; OMS Remote
  • Thursday, May 11th – OMS In-person; OHS Remote
  • Friday, May 12th – OHS In-Person;  OMS Remote