ILLINOIS (WMBD) — The race to June 28th continues.

Six Republicans are looking for the Gubernatorial nomination. WMBD has now spoken with all of them.

Part of Paul Schimpf’s one-on-one interview with Matt Sheehan aired on WMBD News at 4 on Monday. A separate, shorter segment will air Tuesday morning on WMBD This Morning.

Recently, Schimpf, a U.S. Marine and former State Senator, received the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement. He also participated in multiple TV forums, which he claims has helped get the word out more about his campaign.

“The polling in the 2020 election was so wildly off that really anybody that is putting a lot of reliance in what the polls says really hasn’t looked at past history. We have a lot of momentum because we got the Tribune endorsement, the biggest political endorsement in Illinois,” Schimpf said. For the Tribune to look at our campaign and say “they are talking about ideas that can unify the State of Illinois, that’s a huge plus for us. Now people are starting to pay attention.”

Schimpf gave a pitch to voters on how he would handle crime in the State of Illinois.

“Illinois has a crime problem right now. People don’t feel safe. One of the things we are running on is Safe Communities and Safe Families. Addressing the violent crime issue has to involve supporting our law enforcement personnel unequivocally. We need a Governor who is going to stand beside our law enforcement and let them know the government and people of Illinois have their backs. One of the things we proposed in our new Start for Illinois policy agenda, which has six pillars. One of those six pillars is increasing legal protection for law enforcement and first responders. We have hate crimes legislation where certain groups have additional protections, if we’re going to have that, one of the groups that should receive protection is law enforcement,” Schimpf said.

“If you target law enforcement or first responders simply because of their status, protecting us, punishment should be increased for that. Another thing that makes me the best candidate to run our State, I have experience as a prosecutor in the Marine Corps. You have to have prosecutors holding people accountable. In my experience, where I worked the trial of Suddam Hussein in Iraq… but I also was the head prosecutor for the Western recruiting region. Where I prosecuted attempted murder cases, child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, drug dealers. That gives me the credibility to sit down with Mayor Lightfoot and state’s attorney Foxx… and talk about solutions to the violence problem in Chicago. I’m not somebody who’s about demonizing and attacking people, you have to sit down and find solutions. One of the things I will do as Governor, I will hold myself accountable. If I have not been able to bring people together and get violence under control in Illinois, you will not see me running for re-election. The governor has to hold himself accountable.”