ON THE RECORD: Rep. Darin LaHood talks presidential election, stimulus package

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Congressman Darin LaHood (R) IL-18 said President Donald Trump’s chances of victory are appearing less likely.

“I’ve been a strong supporter of the President, I was his co-chair in Illinois on his re-election. I’ve been willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt,” he told WMBD/WYZZ’s Matt Sheehan during the “On The Record” segment on WMBD This Morning.

Tuesday marks three days since Election Day and President Trump still has yet to concede to President-elect Joe Biden. Rep. LaHood believes if there were “voter irregularities,” Pres. Trump needs to come to the table with some clear cut evidence this week.

“The President has filed many lawsuits, most of those have been dismissed. There comes a point where those legal remedies are running out and the President’s path to any type of victory is really narrowing,” Rep. LaHood said. “I think this week becomes important for the President to step up, acknowledge where any of those improprieties are at.”

Rep. LaHood said if there is no supporting evidence of voter fraud, interference, or irregularities, it’s time to support a smooth transition of President-elect Joe Biden.

“I have been supportive of the Vice President, Biden, getting intelligence briefings, I think that’s important for the continuity of this country. Once these legal remedies are over with, the country needs to move on,” Rep. LaHood said.

Election season can oftentimes be contentious, and this year was no different. Now that the election is over, Rep. LaHood said it’s time for lawmakers to come together to promote unity in the United States.

“We are a divided country. But the election is over with now, I think the American people want us to get together and work on issues that affect them. We should be working on a next stimulus relief package, to help small businesses,” Rep. LaHood said. “Whether it’s companies like Peoria Charter Coach, our restaurants. Or the people that work in the banquet industry or the travel industry.”

Rep. LaHood said the goal should be the have the next Coronavirus stimulus package done by Christmas.

“We get back to D.C. next Monday, I don’t think we should leave D.C. until we get something done. We have an obligation and a responsibility to help people. The election is over, it was a fierce battle in many ways,” LaHood said.

Rep. LaHood is currently working on a bill, the CERTS Act, which aims to assist the motorcoach industry.

“I’m also working on a bill called the Clean Start Act which would help with cleaning and PPE and those issues related to the expense of that. Those are two bills, in a bipartisan way we are working to get passed and I hope to do that in December here,” Rep. LaHood said.

The CERTS Act began in the Senate, it was introduced on July 2 by Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI). Illinois U.S. Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin have both sponsored the bill.

This was the first segment of “On The Record.” It will be a weekly episode featuring local lawmakers talking about current events, issues facing our communities, and any bills/legislation the guests are working on.

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