NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — A Normal Town councilman is looking to take his experience to the Statehouse.

Scott Preston (R-IL) is running for State Representative in Illinois’ newly-drawn 91st district.

Preston joined WMBD’S Matt Sheehan for this week’s On the Record, which aired Thursday, June 23.

Question: What led you to leave the town council behind and pursue a Statehouse role?

“I’m grateful to the people of Normal to serve in City Hall for the last 8 plus years. I think there are a lot of things that happened at the municipal level where you just have to work with people and solve real problems that our families are facing. It’s the pothole in front of your street, it’s the water when you turn on the sink to make sure that’s clean and healthy, it’s when you call 9-1-1. My experience has been solving problems, and in a lot of ways, that’s just getting the government out of the way. I think we need more of that in Springfield. Less hyperbole, more productivity,” Preston said.

Question: If elected, what are your top priorities in office?

“I think back to my childhood. I’m from here in central Illinois and was fortunate to have good childhood memories with friends. Baseball, fishing, those kinds of things. Now, fast-forwarding a generation, so many of those people I grew up with in central Illinois are beginning their careers and planting roots, in communities outside of Illinois. They’re doing it in places like Texas, and Florida, and how many of us know people personally who have left Illinois for economic opportunity elsewhere? For job opportunities elsewhere? And aren’t coming back. That’s something most of us have experienced. That has to be a focus. The people of central Illinois are special, this is a special place, I want our state government to not hold us back or crush us,” Preston said.

Question: What is the biggest issue your district is facing, and how do you plan to address it?

“It’s the cost of living, gas prices, inflation. These have tangible effects on real people’s lives every day. In the 91st but also around the state and country. So what impact can we have on that? What am I talking about on the campaign trail? A lot of it is dealing with a State government that’s spending too much money on things that aren’t needed, it’s on taxes that could be reduced but haven’t been at the State level that are adding to the cost of families and small businesses,” Preston said.

Question: You said you want to keep taxes low and cut regulations. How do you plan to do that?

“Well, to start… any Republican would have to be in an environment where the Republican Party is at least out of the super minority. In that environment, it’s hard to get much done when you’re in such a minority, but there’s a lot of energy out there on the ground. Families who feel the pain, are tired of it and want a change. I hope I can be a part of that change,” Preston said.

Question: Your website says you want to keep politics out of the classroom. What specifically are you referring to? And how do you plan to achieve that goal?

“My mom passed away in 2010 but spent her entire career and passion as a public school special ed teacher. She worked with an at-risk population in West Bloomington. Loved most of her time, but she was such a role model that I’m grateful to have had in my life. The special environment she worked so hard to create individually for her students, all those years, is important. We need to make sure we are trusting and supporting our teachers, parents, and administrators to make decisions on what’s best for our children. Is important for a lot of families and me,” Preston said.

WMBD has spoken with each candidate, both Democrat, and Republican, in Illinois’ 91st district.

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The Illinois Primary elections are on June 28th.