UPDATE (7:46 p.m.) — The Peoria Public Schools Board of Education and Peoria Federation of Teachers, Local 780 jointly announced that they have made a deal Thursday.

It has been a seven-month-long contract battle between the PFT and PPS.

“It’s been a grueling many months. We have been bargaining since March,” said Jeff Adkins Dutro, PFT President.

That battle came to an end during the third mediation meeting Thursday night.

“We are just excited to have it done, and we think we got a good agreement, we are very hopeful that our teachers are going to be pleased by the agreement we reached,” said Matt McCaw, PFT bargaining chair.

According to the joint statement, they have reached a tentative agreement on a 3-year collective bargaining contract.

District 150 Superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat said they are thankful they reached a deal.

“We reached a deal, it was long negotiations, and it had its ups and downs, but we were able to pull through, and we are thankful that we are a committed team,” Kherat said. “We are excited to focus on the children.”

Details of the agreement will not be released until the tentative agreement is ratified by PFT’s membership and then approved by the Board of Education.

Both groups thank their negotiating teams and the federal mediator for their dedication and hard work to make this deal.

The ratification meeting will be held on Sunday at Richwoods High School.

“If we had not had our members behind us 110 percent, even going so far to be ready to strike, we never would’ve gotten this done, so we owe everything to the membership that backed us up,” said Dutro.

UPDATE (7:27 p.m.) — Peoria Federation of Teachers has stated that they have reached a deal with Peoria Public Schools Thursday.

According to a PFT Facebook post, a deal has been reached, but no details will be available until the deal is ratified by the union and Board of Education.

More information should be available soon.

UPDATE (7:03 p.m.) — Peoria Federation of Teachers stated that a major hurdle was cleared during the third federal mediation meeting Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the PFT stated:

Cleared major hurdle. Please send good vibes our way! Thank you! Still at it.

Peoria Federation of Teachers Local 780

It is currently unknown what that hurdle is at this time.

This story will be updated.

UPDATE (5:27 p.m.) — Peoria Federation of Teachers stated things are not going well during their third federal mediation meeting Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the PFT stated:

Things not going well. This district is unbelievable. Remarkable. Time to stand strong. We have the numbers.”

Peoria Federation of Teachers Local 780

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Hours ahead of the third mediation meeting between the Peoria Federation of Teachers (PFT) and Peoria Public Schools (PPS), the teacher’s union wants a done deal on the table.

That is the goal for PFT, according to a Facebook post on Thursday. The post reads:

“We are going into tonight’s meeting with one goal – to exit the meeting with a done deal.”


With the meeting taking place later Thursday evening, many are still asking questions about the possible teacher strike, which could happen if an agreement is not reached between PFT and PPS.

Earlier in September, the teacher’s union voted to authorize a strike, meaning the union can give the school district a 10-day notice to strike if they need to. By law, a strike cannot occur until at least the middle of the first week in October.

This vote does not guarantee a strike will occur, and the president of the teachers union said they would like to work to avoid a strike.

The last mediation meeting lasted until 1:45 a.m., according to PPS Superintendent Dr. Sharon Kherat.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.