One Peoria woman heartbroken, saying the boy she calls son lost his life before it even started

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — 8-year-old Jordin Wilson died Wednesday after being shot in the chest. Peoria Police ruled it an accidental shooting and said children were playing with a gun.

Phyllis Wilson of Peoria calls Jordin her son. She said Wednesday evening she got three back-to-back phone calls in less than a minute. Wilson said at that point she knew something was wrong.

“I knew it was something, I didn’t know that it was gonna be my baby though,” Wilson said.

Wilson said one careless act, resulted in Jordin’s life ending before it even began. She said it feels like a dream she cannot wake up from. “I just wanna hold my baby one last time and tell him I love him,” she said.

Wilson said his nickname was “Jodi.” She said he was thoughtful, kind and talented, adding he also had a huge appetite.

“He was so full of life he was so happy he was one of those kids that was small in his size but he could eat like a King. I always called his stomach the bottomless pit because it’s like he never got full,” Wilson said.

Wilson is crushed that Jordan is gone and due to COVID-19 restrictions, she said the family can’t have a proper funeral.

While she is heartbroken, she said she feels solace knowing Jordin is not and pain and that he is in peace, adding he will never know how ugly this world could be.

She said she is thankful to everyone who has reached out and appreciates the love the community is showing her family.

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