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One Ridgeview High School student gets the experience of a lifetime

when he receives a gift from some fellow students

COLFAX - One Ridgeview High School student started his Friday off like any other, but he could have never guessed that what would happen that day would change his life forever.

Zach Craig is a Senior drum major at Rdigeview High School in Colfax Illinois.

He says. "It's... It's still really hard to talk about. It's still really surprising. It's... It's awesome. It's incredible."

Imagine seeing the world the way it's always been described to you, but for the first time. "It's one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life, let alone high school," says Zach.

On Friday, his best friend Justin Givens and the rest of the Ridgeview High School band gave him the experience of seeing true color for the first time in his life.

Zach says, "I went up there and I had no idea, I thought we were just going to go up there and have a good community performance and then Justin pulls out these Enchroma glasses and then... I don't know, it just made the day so much better."

It all started a few months ago, when the band teacher, Anthony Marchese, came up with the idea.

Justin Givens says, "Band teacher walks into one of our rooms and says, hey guys, wouldn't it just be cool if we got Zach these glasses so he could see all colors again? We just looked at each other and went, that's a good idea, let's make this happen."

So, they started collecting money. When Justin handed Zach the glasses, He was speechless.

Zach says, "Seeing colors is really cool, but I think, it sounds cheesy, but I think seeing that people really care so much to let you have this experience means a lot more than seeing any kind of color. Just a couple of days ago I got to finally see what a sunset looked like and what grass and stop signs were, well what their true colors were and it was... It was awesome. If you can thank someone, I still don't know how you can thank someone for allowing you to see something that everyone else sees, but it's incredible."

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