BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) – LaVance and Ashley Walker are bringing the selfie experience to the next level in the Twin Cities.

“We’ve just been thinking creatively. If anything, we try to just think outside the box. Nothing normal,” said LaVance. “We wanted to be the most random place ever where it can be for anybody to be involved.”

The newlyweds are making it happen at their newly opened selfie museum in Bloomington. 

Ashley said, “It was truly like a blessing how it all came to be.”

They call it “Selfie Express.” The space is filled with about a dozen differently themed booths, equipped with decorative backdrops, props, and ring lights for customers to incorporate into their photos. Selfies are encouraged.

“’Selfie Express’ is a double meaning. Express as in you come in for an hour and you go out. You know it goes really quick. But also express as in express yourself,” said LaVance.

“We really wanted something just for people to enjoy. It’s been a hard year and a half. It’s been a long year and a half. We really wanted a spot for the community to be able to just come and have fun.”

ashley walker

The Walkers are photographers by trade. They own Walking Visions Photography Inc. and originally purchased the space they’re using now with the idea of turning it into a photography studio. But it has transformed into the unique experience.

“We just learned how to put our minds together. We’re both really creative, but also really focused, so I think we work really well together.”

lavance walker

“I really hope this becomes like a hub for the community. That people know what this space is and they want to come. They want to have fun. They know this is a place where they can relax, where they can let off some steam,” said Ashley.

The Walkers said their goal is to grow, continue to host events, and rotate the booth themes more frequently, giving customers a new experience each time they come. 

“Money is important, but it’s not our driving force,” said LaVance. “Our driving force is to really be a blessing to other people and to have a good time, so people can have a good time here. So we really hope it’s a place where people can just commune and have fun and hang out.”

Walking Visions Photography Inc. and Selfie Express is located at 1102 S. Main St. in Bloomington.