NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) – Shana Brownlee is no stranger to art. 

“I grew up doing pottery and painting crafts, things like that. So we’ve always had fun doing that. And I was doing it, I don’t know seven years ago in my dining room, and decided that maybe we could make a business out of it,” she said.

Six years ago, that’s exactly what Brownlee and her mom Cathlin Stuntz did. They opened Our Favorite Things Boutique in Normal. 

“I love the transformation,” said Brownlee. “So taking something like a piece of wood and making it into a beautiful piece or something like that or a perfect quote for a family or things like that.”

At the store, customers can pick out hand crafted home decor, shop at the thrift boutique or create their own art with crafting parties. 

Brownlee said she always saw herself going into business. Both of her grandmothers were entrepreneurs.

“My mom’s mom had an antique store. So, I would go there during the summer and help her run the store,” Brownlee said. “And then my other grandma would set up at like a third Sunday market.”

And with herself, her mother and Brownlee’s two daughters now helping in the store, it’s a full family affair at Our Favorite Things Boutique. 

“It’s fun to work with family. And I’m grateful that my mom moved here to help me open the business and we’ve kept it going,” Brownlee said.

Our Favorite Things Boutique is located at 1531 Fort Jesse Rd. in Normal.