PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)- Attention selfie lovers! You can find your “vibe” at Central Illinois’ newest selfie studio.

At It’s A Vibe Selfie Studio in Northwoods Mall, owners LaToya and Jonny Jorden provide the interactive backgrounds and lighting. All you need is a vision and a camera. 

“Everything in here has been inspired by not only us, but art, music, culture, TV, celebrities. Anything that’s trending, that’s fresh, poppin’, it’s in here!” said LaToya.

“When you come in, we want you to catch a vibe, to find your inner selfie and catch your vibe.”

LaToya Jorden

The studio offers upwards of 15 uniquely colorful exhibits, ranging from a private jet background, royalty room, basketball court and additional murals to choose from. Since the grand opening at the end of March, the community support for the wife and husband team has been in full effect.

“It’s an overwhelming feeling,” said Johnny. “We honestly knew it was a good idea, but just seeing the support the city has given us about it and how inquisitive people that do not know what it is are, it’s kind of a good thing.” 

The Jordens brought the idea to Peoria after seeing how successful the concept was in other larger cities. 

“We were like, ‘We need this in Peoria.’ Like, Peoria needs something to represent Peoria,” said LaToya. “So we kind of went home to the whiteboard and started drawing up ideas and thinking up stuff of how we could tailor it to Peoria and make it our own. And It’s A Vibe Selfie Studios was born.”

LaToya and Jonny plan to change the booths every few months to keep the visuals different. They’re also hoping to offer studio space for content creators, photographers and models. 

The Jordens are also thinking long term. They hope It’s A Vibe Selfie Studio will be a means of building generational wealth for their four children. 

LaToya said, “We definitely want to create that legacy for our kids. So this is something that’s a baby that we’ll hand off to our kids so that they’ll continue.”

In the future, the couple want to turn the business into a franchise and continue to grow. 

It’s A Vibe Selfie Studio is located on the lower level of Northwoods Mall in Peoria at 2200 W. War Memorial Dr., Ste. CL02.