“It’s really very much a communication game. You have to do teamwork- you have to work together in order to get out” said Sara Fickes, Co-Owner of Gone in 60 Escape Games.

It’s a team-building exercise like no other. Gone in 60 Escape Escape Games transports you to a different world when you step into their rooms. You’re then locked inside, and the countdown begins.

“Some businesses might approach it a little bit differently but we really do approach it like a game. So it’s an entertainment game. Anything like you would go to lazer tag or bowling, you come in here, we’re gonna put you in a room for 60 minutes and you gotta figure out how to get out” said Fickes.

Fickes and Matt Ruder met volunteering at a haunted house. They and their staff used their skills designing haunted houses to build rooms and storylines that look incredibly realistic.

“You can create a very immersive world. So you can make it a detailed as you want and the customers that come in they appreciate that” said Ruder, Co-Owner of Gone in 60.

“We concentrate on the experience more than the difficulty of the game. We want it to be challenging, we want it to be somewhat hard, we want you to think, but we don’t want it to be like stupid hard so you can’t get out” said Fickes.

From the crumbling ceiling, to the mysterious artifacts, there’s potential clues and meaning hidden everywhere.

“When you come into the room and the timers going, I mean you have that anxiety it’s, you know we’re racing against the clock. A lot of people get immersed and they don’t realize how quickly time goes by” said Ruder.

60 minutes and a few clues are all you get. Do you have the wits to solve the puzzle?