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Tucked away in the back of Metro Centre in Peoria, sits one of the oldest health foods store in Central Illinois.

“Naturally Yours was started by a holistic practitioner back in 1988, and we’re still going strong today” said general manager Matt Kowal. 

From bulk bins, to buffalo, to berries, Naturally Yours has a huge selection inside.

“You can come in and feel very welcome like whoever you are and comfortable. So if you have questions about like eating better or supplementing you life with our supplements, you don’t have to be afraid to ask” said employee Sophia Cassidy.

Kowal says business is good, due in part to an increased public interest in personal health. 

 “Everybody’s more concerned about what ‘s in their food, and the population is much more informed as they were years ago, so everybody’s watching what they put in their body” said Kowal.

That interest means there are more natural brands today than ever before. Kowal said its popularity has also led to a reduction in prices.

“You’re worth it, I’m worth it…when you really break it down to your health and long-term, you know a few extra cents here, a dollar here, really isn’t gonna amount to much.”

“We know like a lot of the customers by name, and you know we have a lot of regulars so it’s nice to have that like community of people that you know when you’re working” said Cassidy.

No matter what customers come for, they’re all investing in something extremely valuable; their long-term health and  well-being.

“If you just really pay attention to what you eat, you know take supplements when necessary, you can be a happy and healthy for a long time I think that’s the goal right? nobody wants to feel bad later in life you know?” said Kowal. 

For more information on Naturally Yours, head to their Facebook page. 

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