Open for Business: New brewery prepares for launch in Metamora

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METAMORA, Ill. (WMBD) – There’s a new business brewing in Metamora and it’s the first of its kind for Adam Sommer. 

“I’ve only been brewing for a little over a year and a half,” Sommer said. “So just jumped in.”

Since 1858, Sommer’s family has owned the farmland that’s now home to Evergreen Farm Brewing. He has found a new way to revive and sustain the property: craft beer. 

“The farm was kind of dying off. We don’t do conventional farming anymore, but if I can build this and make it last long-term, then that’s something that will continue the farm going in the future generations,” said Sommer.

“That’s kind of the thing of being on the farm. Just whatever needs [to be] done, you figure it out and do it and do as well as you can.”

adam sommer

He said the idea for his business, Evergreen Farm Brewing came by chance. Sommer was originally on track to become a high school math teacher. He ultimately pivoted when he and his family moved back to Metamora, toiling with the idea of a winery.

“Out here, the soil is actually too good of soil to grow good wine grapes. So we have some growing, but it’s just for play. And then being out in the middle of corn country, we’re like, ‘Eh, craft beer will probably be a good thing to have out here too.’ So we switched gears to the brewery,” he said.

Sommer had big plans for the layout of Evergreen Farm Brewing. But once the pandemic hit, he and his family had to scale back. So, last year, they started building up the business, to prepare for a potential fall launch, adding equipment to improve future beer products. 

Sommer said, “Everything’s turned out good so far and people are enjoying it.”

For the latest on Evergreen Farm Brewing, visit their website.

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