PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) – There’s a new kind of tee time in Pekin all thanks to Eric Hill and Ryan Wrigley.

“We’re both avid golfers,” said Hill. “We love golf.”

The two friends share a bond like no other.

“We grew up together actually. Went to the middle school together, grade school together. Our parents knew each other, so long, longtime friends. [We] were friends in high school,” Hill said.

And now, well into their adult years, Hill and Wrigley are also business partners. They’ve launched a unique, golf simulation experience in Pekin called The Bunker Indoor Golf Lounge.

“We just decided that, you know, Pekin needs simulators in the area because we have a number of fine golf courses, but we don’t have any electronic, winter options here in town,” said Wrigley.

The business occupies the building that Hill’s investment company owns. He called it a perfect fit. At The Bunker Indoor Golf Lounge, customers will find a bar, two widescreen golf simulators, and a curved screen golf simulator to immerse players in the virtual experience.

Hill said, “We were actually the first curved simulator in this area. So really excited for that.”

“We have a fantastic golf community and they were driving to surrounding communities and they were great locations in other towns. But we felt that we had a market niche here. So we decided to grab it when the opportunity came up.”

ryan wrigley

The Bunker Indoor Golf Lounge has only been open since August, but it has already been catching the attention of avid golfers and those that are just there for the fun.

“When we came up with the name The Bunker, obviously it’s the sand trap idea of a bunker, but also a bunker as in a hang out spot; a place for you to come together hang out and have some fun,” Hill said.

The Bunker Indoor Golf Lounge is located at 1320 El Camino Dr. in Pekin.